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Multifamily SEO - Owning Your Digital Real Estate

Over the years we’ve heard dozens of clients say, “we want to be first on Google.” Today, we can confidently say “there is no first on Google anymore.” As SEO continues to evolve, staying relevant means staying on top of best practices with constant attention and adjustments.

There Is No First Page

As Google has become more sophisticated over the years, they have incorporated so much unique user and device data that no two Google searches ever look the same. Your results and my results depend on who we are, what we’re interested in, where we’re located, the device we’re on, and what we’ve searched for in the past. That’s why there is no single “first page.” But there are great ways to ensure your brand does appear where it matters – and more often than your competitors. It just takes time and work.

Setting Good Expectations

Your community is never going to be in the top 10 results for “apartments in Los Angeles” or similar keywords. ILS sites, Apartment Rating websites, brokers, property management companies, and much more have been fighting for these keywords for twenty years. Ranking for high-volume, competitive keywords will likely never happen. Instead, focus on the unique aspects of your building, neighborhood, or unit types that you could get strong visibility. What makes your building unique and how can you leverage that in search? 

Some examples:

  • Pet-Friendly Apartments - Dog park, washing station, dog runs, etc? 
  • Family Friendly - Have 3-Bedroom Units? Let’s talk about schools or parks or areas of interest for family activities
  • Nightlife / Dining - Great restaurants or venues nearby?

Owning Your Digital Real Estate

Many mistakes we see in the multifamily space are overlooking opportunities to own digital real estate to support your community. Even if you have a 4-unit building over a Jimmy Johns, you have to create opportunities to own digital real estate. Every digital profile you create feeds search algorithms with positive signals of where you are and what you’re offering.

Facebook Page


Google My Business




Put In the Work

Showing up in high-value, organic results takes a long time and a lot of work. If you set reasonable expectations and take ownership of your digital real estate, now you have to start filling it up. Write content, take pictures, share organic posts, talk about your community, highlight how it integrates with your neighborhood, and show potential residents what it would be like to live there. You’ll appear on the map pack, show up when users are looking for something unique, and enjoy more renewals and lower cost for the hot leads you want in your community.

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